Payment Policy
  1. We always pay publishers who follow our TOS
  2. The payment will be process every Working Days Starting From 08.00 to 17.00 UTC+7. Withdraw In Holiday or Weekends will process on next day after end of holiday
  3.  Please wait 24 working hours for the withdrawal to be credited to your account... Please do not contact us regarding payments before due dates.
  4. Sending Spam to our customer service related payments that have not been entered via livechat, email or other social media sites, can cause your account to be suspended & your balance to be forfeited.
  5. Creating a large number of links without being accompanied by a good income can result in your account being deactivated and your payments forfeited
  6. The decision of our payment admin is final and cannot be contested, by registering on our site you are willing to follow all the rules on our site.